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A new media production house for film & video
Best Frenemies brings a multi-disciplinary team of film makers, producers, designers, animators, and creatives to electrify all types of video and film content. 
Our services include: editing, color grading, titles, motion graphics, drafting budgets, on set producing, script services, and promotional materials.   
Check out our reel for a taste of the exciting and varied projects our team members helped create.
Feel free to reach out for additional sample material.

Have a story to tell?

Best Frenemies was created to craft 

compelling tales.

Have a terrific service?

We can build a visual brand for a competitive marketplace.

Have a killer song?

Let Best Frenemies help you turn that catchy tune into a beautiful video.


Creative Director

Griff is an experimental filmmaker and writer. He got his start developing performance works, theater productions, and special effects in NYC.


Eventually he moved to LA and got involved in a whole mess of things, including comedy writing, post production, voice over, and motion graphics. Griff is passionate about pushing the boundaries of new media work. He has a small but well tended collection of houseplants.

Development Director

Boman is a director, writer and producer. His work includes the award winning short "Merry Xmas" with Dick Van Dyke, the Amazon Original "Dark Web" anthology series and the upcoming Warhammer 40k series "Angels of Death".


He's been best frenemies with Gabe and Griff since college and is amused that fate has brought them together again.

About us.

Best Frenemies is a boutique production/production services company. We were founded by a team of industry professionals with varied film expertise who decided to unite under one banner. Our tight-knit team has more than fifty years of combined industry experience. With features, shorts, music videos, commercials, and industrials under our collective belts, we’re excited to bring our talents to clients interested in high-quality video content and promotional development materials. 

Whether you’re just looking for an expert in a specific field or you need a whole team of experts to produce your film from scratch, Best Frenemies is for you. We work with everyone, from individual filmmakers, to production teams, to corporate clients. We also provide talented, young film professionals from our network of editors, animators, writers, producers, directors, on set crew, etc.


Email us with questions or to set up a meeting about your upcoming project. 

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